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“Supporting the growth of our community one dream kitchen at a time through the teamwork, diligence and creativity of our people.”

            Implementing his skills and knowledge, Steven Wenbourne launched his originating business as Oregon Coast Aluminum, back in 1980. Since then Steve and his wife, Melody, have not only built an incredible family together, as well as producing, what is now a thriving business together, but have somehow managed to generate a family-based company built up on strong core values.

            In March of 2000, Steve and Melody decided to incorporate their 3 sons, Matthew, Jacob and Daniel into their established business, hence giving its now known name as Wenbourne & Sons Inc. Since each of the sons were old enough to hold a hammer, they have worked along side their dad, acquiring and developing their own uniqueness and skills, creating one kickass team! Between the numerous years of working together, becoming in sync, with the classes and trainings they have all accumulated, in conjunction with the dedication and commitment to continue to serve the Oregon Coasts Bay Area, indulge yourself into allowing them to provide for you!

            Much as the years have come and gone, so can some changes. All for what’s essential for today’s lifestyles. As one son, Dan, moves forward into building a successful, fast-paced construction company on his own, Matt and Jake resided with Wenbourne & Sons Inc. With life throwing us a whirlwind here and there, still today Matt and Jake are working alongside their dad Steve. However, Steve and Melody are deciding to finally hang up the many hats they wear today in the family company, and gradually imparting it over to Jake!

            Jake’s fully aware of the shoes he’s expected to fill but having built such an epic rapport in this community, with his brothers and their father, he’s already shown how much he’s capable of achieving along side with his family and his crew! With that being said, here comes a new division, yes an add-on, so to speak, of Wenbourne & Sons, appointed to be Bourne Again Kitchens!! Why, one may ask, to add this? What for? Well, unfortunately it appears that there are not very many, if any, options left in this community for any kind of kitchen, bathroom or even closet cabinetry today! Having seen how limited it really is, by using build process, Jake can begin to fill such high demand we have in the Bay Area starting this new division of Wenbourne & Sons Inc., Bourne Again Kitchens!

            In time, Steve and Melody will be able to naturally enjoy spending more time with all 10 of their amazing grandchildren, as well as indulging back into their hobbies. Now knowing that what they have created and produced into a family owned and operated company, will still be growing in the years to come, and become stronger as they years continue to go by.

The Wenbournes
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